While I absolutely adore holiday season, this tends to be the time where people break the bank unnecessarily. Whether it’s splurging on gifts or even on Christmas decor, this time of year is marketed for us to spend our dollars in the name of holiday season. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to be that person. I love the holidays, but  you know what I love more? Finding ways to shop smart and not go broke just to keep up with the Jones’ (as the old folks like to say). I love doing tablescapes for the seasons, but like everything else, they can get pricey. I created my winter tablescape this year and spent less than $100. Here are a few practical tips that helped me create the glam table I wanted on a budget. 

Have a vision. Knowing the aesthetic you desire makes a world of a difference. When I go to the grocery store on a whim, my cart magically fills up with things I don’t need, and I end up spending hundreds of dollars more than I expected to spend. When I make a list, not only am I more organized with my meals for the week, but I spend less money because I was strategic and I had a plan. They same thing applies with Christmas decor. Think about your desired aesthetic and what it’s going to take to achieve that look. But before you go buying anything…

Repurpose old decor. I have bins and bins of home decor in my attic that I’ve used over the years. Before I go shopping for any decor, I take the time to go through my old items and see what I can repurpose. You’d be surprised at how an item can look totally different with a change of scenery. I encourage you to take a look at all the decorative pieces in your home, and determine how you can use multiple pieces in different ways and in different rooms. You’ll surprise yourself, I promise! Last year, I did a winter wonderland tablescape and made my center piece from wreaths, ornaments, pine cones, felt leaves, and wooden twigs. I always like to incorporate different hues of golds and silvers for a little glam in all my decor. When I made the centerpiece last year, I kept that in mind so I could reuse it, and that’s exactly what I did this year. Which brings me to my next point. 

Use mixed metals. If you’re going for glam, different hues of golds and silvers always do the trick. Also, if you can incorporate gold utensils, go for it. They make almost anything look luxurious. I wanted to use my gold cutlery this year, but it would have clashed horribly with the gold chargers. There’s something about mixed metals that give anything a nice chic pop when done right. You can find inexpensive gold and silver accents at places like Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls, & Target. Speaking of where to shop…

Check out your local Dollar Tree. Listen to me when I tell you this: do not sleep on Dollar Tree!! I can’t tell you how many gems I’ve found in this store that could have easily come from Home Goods or Target. The teal plates and teal wine glasses are from Dollar Tree and they look even more high quality in person. And guess what.. they were each $1. You can’t beat that. I also scored the candle holders and the candles from the dollar tree. Adding candles also gives a nice flare, so I added those just to give some balance. I don’t care how nice my bank account is, I’ll never be above checking out the Dollar Tree. 

Last but most importantly- the best way to save money, is to not spend it at all. So if it comes down to it, don’t do a tablescape. There, I said it. Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to get on the Christmas train because everyone else is on it. You would be perfectly normal if you kept the same table setting all year round because the gift of Christmas isn’t in the gifts or the decor, it’s in the simply having the holiday spirit. So if you decide to do one, great- use the tips above. If you don’t- Christmas will not be cancelled and I hope you still have holiday cheer!

How do you like the tablescape! Did I nail it?? Comment below and let me know how you like it! 

Xo, Consuella ♥

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I always get stuck in the trap of not being able to decorate because it cost too much. Thank you so much for highlighting the things you got from the Dollar Tree, maybe I can actually get a budget going and get something put up for Christmas since we will be home.

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