Welcome to Cup of Consuella – a virtual space I’m thrilled to write in and share with all of you!

My motherhood journey and life as a young professional will be apparent in nearly every entry, but what I truly look forward to sharing are my personal thoughts, insight into hobbies, my love for food, and passion I feel with each and every hat I wear on an everyday basis – mother, homemaker, sister, friend, creator, and millennial woman living in the sweet Peach State (Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact).

Thank you for visiting my lovely space within the blogging world. I hope you feel encouraged, uplifted, and inspired as you read each entry, especially the posts which share my personal experiences, memories, and truths about motherhood, relationships, and the importance of spending time with your hobbies and interests.

Cup of Consuella is more than a blog – Cup of Consuella is a collection of thoughts about parenthood and my sweet daughter, Sanai, my undying love for food and experimenting in the kitchen, and a splash of fitness and beauty topics, too. Women simply cannot be confined into one title, and my blog will certainly reflect that. At the very core of this space, I hope I am able to connect with you, my special reader, through words and experiences as I navigate through parenthood one day at a time.


Consuella ♥