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I'm Courtney

Mother, partner, author, content creator, entrepreneur, working professional, faux chef, sister, daughter, and friend. Above all else, I am a millennial woman inspiring other women to chase their dreams, walk in their purpose, and sprinkle their magic along the way. My ultimate goal is to show women that we were not created to fit in a box. We can do it all and we can have it all, as long as we're willing to work for it.

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"the biggest investment you'll ever make
is the one you make in yourself."

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1 on 1 Coaching

Book a 1:1 call with Courtney for an in depth strategy session on how to scale your blogging business to 6 figures.

Turn Influence to Income

This comprehensive e-book will give you all the tools you need to scale your brand to a 6 figure business.

Pitching 101

Pitch Better Have My Money is the ultimate guide to craft pitches that will get you paid.

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