Tips for Shared Homeschool

Like many other parents around the world, this pandemic forced me to take on a number of different jobs all at once. Chef, maid, teacher, accountant, playmate, therapist, and the list goes on. 5 months into this pandemic, and I  have to say that being a teacher was the job that frustrated me the most. … Continue Reading

Black Lives Matter is a Movement, not a Moment

Support Black Owned Businesses Here is a List of Black Owned Businesses– According to a TEDx Talk by Maggie Anderson, she explains “a dollar circulates in Asian communities for up to 28 days, in Jewish communities for nearly 20 days, in white communities for 17 days and in Hispanic communities for 7 days. Yet in the Black … Continue Reading

Summer at Home Fun Guide

This blog post is in partnership with Dollar General. All opinions are my own. It’s officially summertime! The season of pool parties, BBQ’s, and water sports has finally arrived. Due to the nationwide pandemic, we’ve been home for a bit longer than usual, so keeping my daughter entertained has become a bit of a challenge. … Continue Reading

Keep That Same Energy: Support Black Businesses

If you’re reading this right now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now more than ever, the Black community needs all of the support that we can get, and quite honestly, all of the support that we so rightfully deserve. Regardless of how some may feel about the protests happening around the … Continue Reading

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Tacos

Taco Tuesday has been competing with Meatless Monday for my favorite day of the week for a long while now. That was until these Caramel Apple Cheesecake Tacos came into my life. Four words: Heaven. On. A. Plate!!!

Plan The Perfect Backyard Picnic

Last week was my 30th birthday and due to COVID19, I wasn’t expecting to do much. To my surprise, my boyfriend Richard, and some of my closest friends had the cutest day planned for me. I came downstairs to 5 dozen roses, a beautiful cake, and a card from him and my daughter. Minutes later, … Continue Reading

5 Supplements You Should Be Taking Daily

I remember the days I would wake up, shower, do my makeup, get dressed, and run out of the door. I never took vitamins, supplements, or even drank water before leaving the house for the day. I was chatting with a friend a few years ago about some vitamins she was ordering when she shockingly … Continue Reading

Hottest New Restaurant in Atlanta: The Garden Room

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Atlanta, then you’ve heard of the newest iconic restaurant to come on line: The Garden Room.