Lets talk Power! First of all- great season finale! It was action packed, sealed up a few loose ends, and even left me with a few questions, which I think is good. A good indication of a successful season finale to me is whether or not I’m excited for next season- and lets just say I cant wait for season 5! Anyway, lets get into it!

  1. Am I the only one that was pissed at the opening scene with Tariq acting like he didn’t have any information? I wasn’t pissed because he didn’t tell the cops, I was pissed because I actually didn’t think he was going to do anything about his sister’s death…except keep running from Ray Ray. So, I’m like “Negro, are you really gonna sit here and do NOTHING, knowing that your sister is dead because of you?!” Call me crazy, but I was actually proud of him for going after Ray Ray on his own. Do I think it was risky and way too big a job for him to pull off? Yes, of course. But I appreciated his courage and him taking the initiative to seek revenge on the man that killed his sister. His utter stupidity has been pissing me off all season, but this is the one episode that I actually understood his logic: His sister got killed because of him, so he felt that HE needed to make it right. He felt responsible, he felt accountable- and this is the first time I’ve seen him like this all season. Again, it was a ballsy move, but I wasn’t mad at it. And hey, he completed his mission, so there’s that. Now he understands his family dynamic and he sees how everyone plays their role. Hopefully this will bring him and his dad closer. Btw, am I the only one that didn’t know he and Raina Were twins? I think they threw that in there for shits and giggles, cuz there’s no way we all missed that.

  2. Tasha… Man this woman takes us all on an emotional roller coaster. One episode we love her, next episode we hate her, then the next episode we love her again. I’d have to say she’s been upsetting us pretty consistently, but I swear I love to see her in boss mode. She was vulnerable in the car scene with Ghost and I teared up a bit (don’t judge me). But then she went into “Tasha from the block” mode when she was giving Tariq the step by step directions on how to wash the blood off of his hands- literally. It’s kind of crazy that Tasha’s biggest weaknesses are her biggest strengths. We want her to go clean and let go of the game- but then we need her to be the glue that holds it all together. We need her to come up with alibi’s, and burn the bloody clothes, and take the rap for her son, and the list goes on. Tasha made some poor decisions this season, but she will never disappoint us when it comes to riding for her family. There is no Ghost without Tasha. Period.

  3. Silver…boy BYE!! How convenient of a time for you to tell Tasha you “love” her. No one is buying your fake fairytale love story. And even if you do love her, too bad. Y’all could literally never last. You gave Tasha the ultimatum of lover or lawyer and she chose lawyer. Now let’s see if you can handle not mixing business with pleasure.

  4. Angela, here you go getting on our nerves again. We know that you still care deeply for Ghost but the way your job is set up… it’s not gonna happen. If you really wanted to help, you should have kept that comment about the bullet to yourself. You know good and well why Ray Ray is dead. Regardless of who killed him, you knew it would lead back to Ghost. So if you know he’s gonna get the death penalty if caught, what’s more important to you? Ghost’s life or justice? As Head of Criminal, I know that’s a tough call, so just stay the hell away from Ghost unless you really want to help him. Otherwise, you’re useless. Sorry.

  5. Dre. Dre. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a person to die more than I want Dre to die. The fact that he thinks he can ever outsmart Ghost or even Tommy is laughable. His whole macho man persona is a joke because he can’t even be “the man” when Ghost or Tommy is around. If you have to be a boss behind people’s back, you’re not a boss. Now, he’s pulled the Jimenez into this, knowing how ruthless they are and it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass. He’s definitely bitten off more than he can chew. Next season, he better die a hard, slow, torturous death! I’m excited to see how this relationship will play out between Tommy, Canan, and Ghost… I wouldn’t want beef with one of them. Now you put all three of them together?? That’s a problem I wouldn’t want to have. I feel bad for Dre…sike. I can’t wait for him to get what’s coming.

  6. This tracker on Tommy’s car is troubling me. I feel like Tommy is so flashy and out in the open, so he needs to take extra precautions to make sure he is crossing his t’s and dotting his I’s. With all the heat on them right now, I would think that everyone would be more careful…especially Tommy and Ghost. After the recording with Ruiz, I would think Tommy would go the extra mile to make sure he not being followed, recorded, etc. The fact that he doesn’t know or hasn’t checked for a tracker on his car is a rookie move to me.

  7. Now here are my questions: why is Ghost at Tate’s mercy? Tate he helped him with the Stern deal and made sure Ghost got his fair share and fair representation, but that’s it? I can’t imagine Ghost feels like he has to do whatever Tate says just for that “favor”? Am I missing something here?

  8. Who is this Maria character? I saw she dropped the plate in the last episode when she saw Ghost on the TV screen, and now she’s talking to Saxe and claiming to have info on Ghost. Why do I not remember her?

Okay, that’s all I have. I wanna hear your thoughts. Lets GO!


Consuella ♥

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Maria is wayyyy from season 1.
Tate is a undercover crook himself. Which is why the black dude from the block is so close to him. For once, Ghost should’ve listened to Stern.
I just love how they’re about to tie Terese crew in the mix now, but I hate they actually turned the tracker back on. I think the plot twist will be rayrays bullet in the wall that’ll actually lead back to Raina’s death.


Yes I know Maria is from a previous season, that’s why I’m having a hard time remembering her. Besides her being from season 1, what’s her connection to Ghost?

and that’s an interesting plot twist. I just don’t know how the bullet in the wall could possibly be the bullet w shot Raina with being that he shot her by the school. Tariq shot twice, so I’m thinking one bullet went into the wall.


I don’t quite remember her main purpose in season 1. I heard 2 shots, so I believe Ray Ray might have shot the first time when he reached for the gun. I want to believ that’s how they’ll flip it. Since Angela had her suspicions. She just need to stop finding stuff. But Some how Tasha is going to get off


1. I wanted to punch Tariq in the face when he lied and told his parents he didn’t know anything. I figured he wouldn’t tell the police… but his parents I was taken back. But now I see why he didn’t.
Side note : yes I knew they were twins; in previous season they would refer to them as “the twins.” Also I think this will unleash the “Queens” out of Tariq… I felt it when he was looking at himself in the mirror. He said he wasn’t remorseful. Hell to shoot someone in the head your first time ever shooting a gun screams ballsy killa’! Lol

2. I couldn’t agree more with your Tasha statement. Like the saying goes behind every good man is a strong woman. Yeah Tasha stepped out but like you said ride or die for the St. Patrick’s. She is pregnant in real life so I wonder if she will happen to end up pregnant from Ghost or The lawyer and will have baby daddy drama! Yeah rite. That’s too far fetched.

3. Silver is a joke. He will uncover more and more information about them. Try to convince Proctor for both to roll over (remember the laptop). He will turn on them and Ghost will have to clean it up. Ghost and Tasha will then call it even as far as their infidelities ventures go.

4. Angie…. she doesn’t know what she wants to do with herself. She wants to help Jaime but wants to look good in her new roll. Pick a side sista’, damn! NEXT!

5. DRE DRE DRE! I feel bad for his daughter whose going to end up without a father! I wouldn’t want that pressure and the Italian mod??? Boy!!! You as good as dead!

6. Pass on this one. Tommy always reckless. But I think he’s going to end up taking the wrap for something to go on the inside and meet his pops and finally get to spend time!

7. Tate is crowded. I just can’t wait for the plot twist when Ghost plays Tate and Sterns against each other and they both loose.

8. Ok, so Maria is the girlfriend of a guy that Kanan hired to kill Ghost. Tommy brought the guy (Manuel and Maria) back to Truth’s basement and Ghost went off on Tommy, asking him why he brought that mess their. Tommy was high! The whole time Maria was blindfolded. When they couldn’t get Info out of her boyfriend about who hired him, Tommy shot him. Janna then hired pink sneakers. Anyway… They didn’t shoot Maria because Ghost said, if we kill her, someone will come looking for her, we don’t need those type of problems. So he told her to shower and burn her clothes and let her go. So she heard his voice and knows he was the one responsible for killings her bf.


Maria is the informant’s (I can’t remember his name) that Tommy killed.


Ghost killed Maria’s boyfriend .. so she remembered his voice! And yesssss TWINS brig whaaaaatt?! Lol man I cannot wait for Dre’s death to happen !!!!!!!!! Tasha slow and steady clap for her. Lol


Also, Dre is definitely dead because he killed Tommy’s priest.


Excellent luv! So Maria is from episode 1 when ghost left the club to kill her man then returned to Truth like nothing happened. His very first OG move. I love everything you wrote but regarding the tracker, Tommy really hasn’t done anything….well too much….since it was placed on the car. If you recall, he gave the car to his mom right after they placed the tracker. After he took back his car he killed Holly’s Uncle and now he’s at the scene of Ray Ray’s myrder. Hopefully he didn’t drive to kill the Toros Locos 😳. I can’t wait for Season 5 & 50 is trying to push it out sooner than the 1 year delay we usually have. I’m interested to see what he has coming out on BET this yearbook


We are aligned once again sis! Maria is indeed from Season 1. I just didn’t expect her to be talking to the D.A. Angela needs to fall bak if she’s not going to help Ghost because all bets are off for him now that Raina is gone.. Tommy!!!! CHECK YOUR FUCKING CAR!!!!! Like he’s normally on top of thins like this, but he’s slacking and I don’t like it. I can’t wait for Dre to die.. I’m so glad that Tommy and Ghost found out the truth about what Dre did to Julio.. And I’m mad that Dre killed the priest. He should’ve never met up with Dre in the first place. I would’ve told him over the phone or something, but to meet up with him??? He killed Julio!!! What makes you think he won’t do it to you??? I’m so glad that the dream team is back together!!!! Canan, Ghost, and Tommy!!! I was mad at Tariq for not telling his parents, but that was a huge risk he took and I have to admit that he bossed up like a G. Tasha!!!! You FINALLY came through!! I just hope that Silver gets his ass in line and do what she’s paying him to do.. I just felt like it was the wrong time for him to confess his love for her.. She just lost her child, why even go there with her at a time like that?? I’m just patiently waiting for Season 5…

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