Last week was my 30th birthday and due to COVID19, I wasn’t expecting to do much. To my surprise, my boyfriend Richard, and some of my closest friends had the cutest day planned for me. I came downstairs to 5 dozen roses, a beautiful cake, and a card from him and my daughter. Minutes later, my friends did a drive by at my house, blasting Beyonce, honking the horn, and screaming happy birthday! Then everyone came inside, we had tacos and wine, caught up on Insecure, played games, and had good ole fashioned girl talk. It was truly one of my best birthdays to date.

I immediately started to think of something special to do for Richard’s birthday, which is just 4 days after mine. He’s generally pretty low maintenance and easy to please when it comes to things like this, but I still wanted it to be special. I knew he would need to rest for work later that night, so I wanted something intimate, relaxing, and thoughtful. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and then it clicked in my head… a backyard picnic! I pulled it together in less than 24 hours and he absolutely loved it. Here are 4 tips to plan a perfect backyard picnic.

Choose your food- I knew nuts, cheeses, and fruit would be the star of the charcuterie boards. I didn’t add any pork to the boards because I don’t eat it, but if you do, go for it. My boyfriend isn’t exactly a picnic food eater, so I knew I had to have at least one thing that he would consider an actual meal. I figured sandwiches would be the perfect addition. I got a couple of his favorite sandwiches from Publix and added them to their own plate. It was perfect.

Set the mood- This is important. You want to make sure the picnic has a nice vibe. I put out a blanket and some pillows for a cozy look. I knew I wanted some fresh flowers and a candle in the mix, so I chose the scent “Leaves” by Bath & Body Works to enhance the “outside” scent. I added red and white roses and some other small plants from my house to tie it all together. I had some 90’s R&B playing softly in the background. Safe to say, the mood was set.

Get your wine- This one is pretty self-explanatory! What’s a picnic without some Rose’? If champagne isn’t your thing, make sure you have a beverage bucket with ice to add your wine and/ or beer. If you don’t drink, you can always add bottled water, smoothies, or fresh pressed juices to the ice bucket. Just make sure you have a designated area for the drinks.

Keep it a surprise- The element of surprise takes the picnic to another level of thoughtfulness. Richard thought I was buying groceries for the house and had no clue it was for a picnic. After everything was set up, I sent him a text saying, “meet me in the backyard in 10 minutes.” Seeing the look on his face when he walked outside was priceless. He loved how relaxing and intimate it was and was super stoked when he saw the sandwiches. Thank you, Publix.

All in all, it was a perfect birthday surprise. We stayed outside for about an hour holding hands and talking about everything under the sun, literally. We even prayed together over the new year of life. The night was magical. If you’re looking for something special to do for your loved one, a backyard picnic should do the trick. I hope you enjoyed! Do me a favor and pin this picture below so you can plan your own picnic soon.

Xo, Consuella

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I thought this was such a well written and amazingly descriptive post! I do not have a husbae but this made me think of something to do with friends or even family. Simple yet thoughtful! Thank you for this!


I smiled the whole time reading this blog. I loved everything about detail and setup and have always wanted to do this as a fun intimate date night. I cant wait to do this for my man (speaking it into existence lol).

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