Last Friday, my coworkers and I went on our summer FAM trip (FAM is short for familiarization). Basically, we spend one full day in the city to familiarize ourselves with venues, restaurants, and attractions in the city. Most trips, we visit places that have recently opened so we can see what they can offer to convention attendees coming to Atlanta. Other times, we visit places that we may  have visited previously, but they’ve had some changes and/ or updates. This trip we saw a lot of cool places! Some restaurants, some event facilities, and we checked out Battery Park Atlanta (the new live, work-play subdivision surrounding the new Braves stadium). Everything was great, but the highlight of the trip, by far, was Regent Cocktail Club!!

Regent is the rooftop bar of American Cut in the Shoppes of Buckhead. Its located on the third floor of the restaurant and serves tapas and drinks. Really yummy tapas and drinks. We got there at 5pm as soon as they opened and started ordering! The GM and the Director of Events there started us off with some Sancerre Rose’. It was the perfect bubbly for a hot summer day! The bartender then made us some specialty cocktails and they were so amazing!! It’s a bummer that the cocktail wasn’t on the menu because it was really yummy. I know it had vodka (which I typically don’t drink), champagne, elderflower, muddled blueberries, and a few other things. Sorry I don’t remember, I’ll do better next time.

For tapas, we ordered the tuna tartare, Waygu sliders, soft baked pretzel, and honey sriracha wings. The waygu sliders were so moist and flavorful. The wings were the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The pretzel was warm and buttery. But the tuna tartare…AMAZING!!! It had a layer of avocado at the bottom to marry all the flavors together and it was sooo good!! I had to order a second one (don’t judge).

Better than the food and drink was the ambience and service. The servers frequently stopped by to clear our tables, and they kept the food and drinks flowing all evening! They also sabered a bottle of champagne and that was super cool. The patio overlooked Buckhead and was open and airy. The crowd was working professionals and some of the “Who’s Who” of Buckhead! The vibe was classy and upscale, yet still comfortable and laidback. I know that’s kind of an oxymoron, but you have to experience it to understand. The place had such a great energy as more and more people piled in. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would go back in a heartbeat! If you’re in Atlanta, please go and check out Regent Cocktail Club, you won’t regret it!! Here are a few pictures of the food I snapped while we were there!

Soft Baked Pretzel
Waygu Sliders
Tuna Tartare


Consuella ♥

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