After high school, I went to college and graduated. I moved from my hometown of Miami to my new home of Atlanta. I kissed a few frogs and found me a prince. I saved a lot of money, but blew even more. I worked for Marriott for a while and thought I’d be there forever. Then, I started with a new company and landed my dream job. I launched my lifestyle blog, Cup of Consuella.  I had a beautiful daughter. I bought my first house. I made a lot of mistakes, but I have a lot of accomplishments. A decade later, and here I am. A lot can happen in ten years. 

I remember last year when my classmates and I first started talking about planning our ten year reunion- we were so hype! We had a committee of about 30 people and everyone was vying for positions. Everyone had ideas, everyone was excited, everyone was invested! We decided that one night wasn’t enough, instead we were going to have an entire weekend! We got over 200 of our classmates to pay the initial deposit of $25 a whole year before the actual reunion. Then about 2 months later, the hype died down, the committee fizzed out, and then there were 4

Jennifer, Katrina, Felica, and myself. We made it happen for our class and while it was a lot of hard work, it was so worth it. We were transparent about the full planning process and kept an open line of communication with our classmates, which helped them gain their trust in us. After setting up a business account, allocating funds for each event, negotiating rates, finding the right vendors, answering hundreds of emails/ calls, and a million other things along the way, the reunion weekend was finally here! We had an all white yacht party on Friday night, a Night at the Oscars gala on Saturday night, and a Floatopia beach day on Sunday. In other words, the weekend was lit! Keep scrolling for a recap.

Night One: All White Yacht Party

This event was our weekend opener and it set the tone for all the other events. We had a blast on a beautiful yacht with passed hors d’oeuvres, a premium open bar, DJ Jazzy Jeff on the 1’s and 2’s and WillPix as our photographer catching all the good pics! Sidebar, yachts are expensive. Anyway, keep scrolling for the pictures. 

  Night 2: A Night at The Oscars

Our formal gala was held at the Floridian ballroom in Pembroke Pines, FL. We had passed hors d’ouevres, a three course dinner, and a premium open bar…again! Everyone looked so beautiful in their formal attire.


Day 3: Floatopia Beach Day

I opted out of posting these pictures of this event because they look much different from the pictures above. Just know we had great food and drinks, great music, and a great time! Hence why I won’t post those pictures (covers eyes). 

All in all, I had such an amazing time! I had no clue that it would be so refreshing to see all of my classmates after 10 long years. Everyone was so positive and was genuinely there to reminisce on old memories and make some new ones. The class reunion just reminded me of how beautiful growth really is. I’m still kind of sad that the weekend is over, but our 20 year reunion will be here before you know it…or maybe we should have a 15 year reunion? Hmmm… *calls Jennifer*

Did any of you go to your 10 year class reunion? Is it coming up? I hope you have a blast just like I did! 



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Cheers to celebrating ten years worth of gowing and glowing!!! Thank you for providing such a wonderful recap of our weekend; I wish we could relive it againnnnn


Had a blast thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend you all set up


Court! I wish we could go back to our reunion weekend. It was such a great moment in time. Often times we are so consumed by life that we forget to cherish these memories. Thanks for helping me plan this magical weekend. We did that!!

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