Sanai’s birthday theme this year was super cute and simple and we loved it: Two-tti Fruitti! Different tropical fruit and a bunch of bright colors was the gist of the decor. We kept the party intimate and had it in the comfort of our home- it was perfect. My best friend Jasmine, Sanai’s god mother, was my right hand (wo)man. She handled the decor and I handled the food (with the help of my friend Yaz). I got all the games and activities set for the kiddos and we had a good time!To be our focal point, we did an elevated dessert table, with a cute balloon arch and a pretty shiny backdrop. This was Jasmine’s first time doing a balloon arch and she nailed it!

We had chocolate covered Oreo’s with sprinkles, strawberry shortcake and banana pudding cupcakes, fruit skewers, and rock candy. One of my friends made some super cute custom chips bags for Sanai’s theme and I loved them. If you want some custom bags, her Instagram is here. My favorite dessert were these super cute apple “donuts” that I made. I basically sliced the apples length wise and then cored them so they resembled donuts, then topped them with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. It was honestly quite messy and a little difficult to get the icing to stick the the flesh of the apple, but they came out soooo cute! I promise the kids didn’t even know the difference.

The custom chip bags were so cute. They even had Sanai’s picture on the back. I hate I didn’t snap a shot of that part! And how cute is this custom dress that I got from Etsy?! It says “Sanai is two-tti fruitti and such a cutie!” Here is the shop if you’re interested.

Here are some pics of us doing the activities. We had a sunglasses building station, a play-doh contest, finger painting, and a puzzle contest. The kids really enjoyed the arts and crafts. If you’re having a kids party, make sure you have some activities for them to get in to. It’ll keep them busy and make the time pass quickly. 

If you look in the background of the picture above, you’ll see we had two drink canisters. The red juice was labeled for the kids and the yellow was for the adults. Make sure you label the drinks at a kids party!!

Okay last but not least, I absolutely loved our pop up banner! My friend Jaquanne designed it and he did an amazing job, per usual. He also built my website and created my logo, he’s the! Kay’s Signs actually produced our banner and I love her work. She did our banner last year and I’ll be using her every time we have party. I ordered the poster from Etsy and just got it custom made to include Sanai’s name. Don’t mind the background on these next two pictures, I took them the day before the party, so nothing was set up.

Sanai’s party was everything I imagined and the best part is that she actually old enough now to actually enjoy herself. As much fun as we had, I’m glad the party is over. Next year, my best friend and I are going to take Sanai and Karli (my God daughter) to Disney for their third birthday. I’m super stoked about that and can’t wait to blog about the planning process. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got some inspiration from the party! 

XoConsuella ♥

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This theme was adorable. Looks like she had a blast!

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