Okay, so I didn’t actually have a girls night in Asia, but my girls night did have an Asian theme- that counts right? Maybe not, but a girl can dream. Anyway, I got my girlfriends together for a night of great food, delicious cocktails, lots of laughing, plenty of dancing, and, of course, juicy girl talk.  We got a chance to let our hair down, catch up, and and have a good old fashioned girls night. I decided to host this one at my house, and being the “hostess with the mostest” that I am, I wanted it to be a perfect night for me and my girls. 

If you and your friends are anything like me and mine, then you probably have girls nights often. With everyone’s crazy schedules and the shared desire of winding down, we opted for a girls night at home in lieu of a night on the town. I volunteered to host at my house since I have a lot of space and if anyone needed to stay over, they could. As mentioned earlier, I went with an Asian theme for the night. We had crab rangoon, Shanghai steak and vegetables, honey garlic edamame, sweet and spicy brussel sprouts, sticky Asian glazed chicken and shrimp fried rice.

When hosting, you want to make dishes that fit several dietary needs. We had beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetable options, that way, no one felt left out. Thankfully, my friends don’t have a ton of dietary restrictions, so everyone pretty much got to enjoy everything. My favorite thing to make was the crab rangoon. I I order it at restaurants all the time and finally decided to start making my own. These were definitely a hit!

Now on to my favorite part…the drinks! I don’t know about you, but I love a good cocktail and so do my friends. I knew I wanted to do moscow mules, but I had no clue how to make them Asian themed. I was in the grocery store and walked past some Arizona green tea and it hit me: Green Tea Mules! This was genius. I will say, it took a little bit of tweaking to get the taste exactly how I wanted it. I just took the standard recipe for moscow mules and added a considerable amount of green tea. I also mixed grated ginger with simple syrup and added that to the drink, it was delicious! I wanted to have candied ginger as a garnish, but I was pressed for time so I opted out. If you have time, do it! I wish I got more pictures of the drink, but here it is.

After eating and drinking..well, the drinking never stopped, but after eating, we just had a chill night. We talked, listened to music, danced, did karaoke, and literally had a blast! Oh, and I don’t know if they smoke hookah in Asia, but we definitely did. Judge your mother. All in all, everyone had an amazing time and I can’t wait for our next event! We will do a Friendsgiving soon, and then we have our annual Christmas party and I’m so excited about it.

Here are a few quick tips for hosting at your place:

  1. Choose a theme. It makes choosing your menu so much easier.
  2. Don’t use random serving dishes. Having same color/ style serving dishes makes you look so much fancier. I’m kidding, but seriously. If you don’t want to break the bank, go to Dollar Tree. I got all of my serving dishes, plus those cute mason jars for the drinks for all under $25!
  3. If you’re providing the food, ask your friends to bring a bottle of their choice to add to the bar. That way, the drinks don’t run out and everyone will have a drink that they like. Asking guests to bring drinks isn’t always appropriate, so use your discretion. If that’s totally not your style and you prefer to always provide the food and drink, kudos to you. I’ll get to that level some day.
  4. HAVE FUN! I mean, that’s what girls nights are all about, right?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. When are you planning your next girls night? 

Xo, Consuella ♥



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