Born and raised in Miami, Fl, I’ve always called that place home. I never thought I could love another city as much as my hometown… and then I moved to Atlanta. While it is a very large metropolitan city, it still has that southern, down home, “country” feel, and I love it. There’s just something about Atlanta that’s going to keep me here for a very long time.

Atlanta is the home of dreamers, doers, movers, and shakers. It’s a mecca for young black professionals and is even now being dubbed the Hollywood of the South. Whether you are in medicine, the corporate sector, a fortune 500, the entertainment industry, the beauty industry, the list goes on- Atlanta can be a home for you. Don’t move here though, we’re full.

After being in Atlanta for almost a decade (7 years to be exact), I’ve really developed a deep adoration and appreciation for this city. The rich Black history and culture, the museums and attractions, the endless opportunities, the different neighborhoods, the dining scene- I could keep going, but hopefully you’re catching my drift. In my current role, I act as a liaison between meeting planners from all over the world, and the Atlanta hospitality community. Meeting planners use me as their Atlanta resource, so I have to stay abreast of any new developments and be able to speak to what Atlanta has to offer. Sometimes when I’m out with customers or coworkers, I’ll document my day via my Instagram.  I get dozens of DM’s every week asking me what I do for a living or telling me how cool my job is. Now that my current role affords me the opportunity to really get out and explore Atlanta, I feel compelled to share as much as I can. Whether it’s a fun convention coming to the city, a hip new restaurant, a funky new hotel, a new museum or attraction, or even some oldies, but goodies- I want to share my love for Atlanta with you.

I’ve added a tab called ATL, Shawty to my website so you can find all of my Atlanta adventures there. I hope you enjoy.

Forever I love Atlanta!

Xo, Consuella ♥

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I love this! Can’t wait to read about the gems!

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