1 Year Party or 1 Year Pictures?

Milestone birthdays are always the hardest. And when it comes to the kiddos, every birthday feels like a milestone. So the question was: 1 year party or 1 year pictures? Which is more important? Which has more impact? Will they even remember the party? 

Probably not, but you will! So when it comes to pictures or party, I say…BOTH! Now, let me be honest, I was actually trying to decide between one or the other. Because let’s be real…pictures and parties alone can be very expensive, so imagine doing both. I had decided I was going to just have the party and forfeit the pictures. I figured we would take family pictures soon and I would get some individual shots of Sanai then. So I pushed the 1 year pics out of my mind and I started planning and purchasing things for the party. Then one day I was scrolling through my camera photos and I ran across one of my God daughter Karli’s 1 year pictures and I fell in love all over again. She looked perfect, and I knew her mom was going to cherish those pictures forever. In that moment I decided I couldn’t cheat Sanai and I had to get some pictures done. And I’m SO glad I did.

I decided to go with Karly Loar for Sanai’s pictures. She is absolutely incredible!! My best friend told me about her and after looking at her website, I was sold. Her studio is in North Georgia, so it was about an hour drive for me. Karly was prompt, patient, and most importantly, she was amazing with Sanai. I didn’t even realize she got such great shots until I got the proofs back.

A few days after the shoot, the online gallery had almost 40 pictures and there were several picture packages to choose from. I usually opt to get digital photos mainly for the convenience of being able to print them at my leisure. And of course because once I have the digital pictures, I’ll have them forever.  I had the hardest time choosing photos because, let’s face it, I wanted them all. But, Richard and I gave ourselves a budget for the photos + the session, so we decided to only choose 10 digital photos.

Richard and I went through these photos for probably an hour trying to decide. I was seriously in awe of how great Karly’s photography/ editing skills are. I mean, sure, Sanai is a cutie, but Karly did a really amazing job and I’m so happy with the photos. See below for more!

I sent Karly pictures of Sanai’s outfits for the shoot a week ahead of time. It seems like she went out and bought back drops because they matched her outfits perfectly! Look at this:

I was so excited for the cake smash pics, but Sanai kinda wasn’t here for it, lol. She did get really messy, which was the goal- the shots came out super cute.

Seriously, look at this little cute face!! *swoons*

Listen, if you are on the fence about getting milestone pictures, GET THEM! You will not regret it. If you find yourself struggling between party or pictures, I say both! They are equally impactful, in my eyes. Of course that can be a little costly, but these are memories you will have for a lifetime, so it’s totally worth it. Just try your best to budget and save and you can pull off both. Let me know what you think about the pictures in the comments. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Consuella ♥

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  1. She’s the most adorable little princess ever !!!! I’m definitely going with both but budget is more towards pictures for us. We will do something small and intimate for party

    1. Thanks so much!! My goal was small and intimate too, but it didn’t quite turn out that way, lol. It all went well though, that’s what matters.


  2. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! I definitely say do both. Since your daughter will have no recollection of the party, go cheap. Get a cake, cook some food for the grown ups and light a candle. Invest your money in the pictures since that is a lifetime keepsake. That’s how my mama did it back in the day (lol) and the pictures are definitely worth the coins!

  3. I looove pictures and throwing parties so I can totally relate!! Love the blog keep it going you are doing GREAT!😘 We did Mickey Mouse club house for my son first birthday(can’t post the picture on here) and carnival for his second so just pray for me until he turns 21!😩🤦🏽‍♀️😂😭

    1. Thank you so much for reading and continuing to support the blog! 🙂
      And I literally am trying to brace myself for next year’s party smh. We have a long road lol.


  4. Aww the pics are so cute! I agree with doing both i just would make sure to keep the 1st birthday simple. I’ve seen some pretty over the top 1st birthday parties.

  5. Your daughter is so beautiful, I am expecting my first and have been debating whether I should invest into a newborn shoot or not, this has definitely helped to make my decision easier. They grow up so quickly so I really gotta capture the first moments.

    1. Omg, congratulations on the baby!! I actually did a newborn shoot, as well. the hospital got me lol. But I don’t regret it. I say capture the moments 🙂 I wish you a healthy delivery!

    1. Thank you so much! We’ve actually recently gotten her into modeling! I hope it goes well.


  6. Oh my goodness. So cute! I would have to say pictures. I love to throw parties though so it would be a challenge to just choose one. I would probably still have a small party too.

  7. Ooh my God, she is the perfect definition of gorgeous! She is so adorable. I am glad you chose to do the photo shoot, she will cherish these sooner or later 🙂

  8. I definitely would say both but go affordable!!! Cake and ice cream with family over and photos at Jcpenny’s will suffice.
    P.S. Beautiful baby and pictures

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