Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about friendship. I’ve been blessed to say that I’ve had such amazing bonds with some women that blossomed into beautiful friendships. So, I’ve never understood women that say, “I don’t need friends.” Sis, I don’t know what you think “friends” are, but real friends are invaluable. And whether you want to admit it or not, we all need them. And this past weekend reassured me of that.

This past weekend, I went on a girls’ trip and it was arguably one of the best trips I’ve been on to date. Ironically enough, this “girls’ trip” was formerly my best friend Jasmine’s bachelorette weekend, until she called off her wedding. We initially were going to cancel the weekend all together but decided collectively that this trip was probably the therapy she needed. Jasmine invited a mixture of friends from all walks of her life and that was a part of my revelation about friendship, as a whole. One of her friend’s she’s known almost two decades, another she’s known for just a few years. I won’t ramble about the details of the trip because I will be doing an entirely separate blog post about how to plan an unforgettable girls’ weekend. However, I have to tell y’all about an activity we did on the trip that didn’t leave a dry eye in the room.

We sat in the living room and each person was supposed to say how they met Jasmine, what they loved about her/ their friendship, and give her words of encouragement for her new chapter in life. In turn, Jasmine was to go around the room, and tell each person what they meant to her, and why she requested their presence for this weekend retreat. This activity started out light hearted, but in a matter of minutes, it literally turned into a real-life therapy session. Listening to each of these women talk about Jasmine and how she touched their lives was so powerful. One of the girls talked about how Jasmine made her a better mother to her children. One girl literally said that because of all the trauma she dealt with in her life, Jasmine was home for her.  Do you know how much that means? One girl talked about how Jasmine grieved with her through one of the greatest losses of her life. One girl talked about how Jasmine inspired her to level up in all aspects of her life. I talked about how much she motivated me, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and how she’s been there for me through my best and my worst. Jasmine was so floored, she almost couldn’t formulate her appreciation for all the genuine love and support. As I looked around the room, it hit me. This is what friendship is about. Knowing that someone brings value to your life. Knowing that someone is always rooting for you. Knowing that someone wants the absolute best for you. Know that someone will make sacrifices for you.  But most importantly, knowing that you would reciprocate those actions in a heartbeat.

In that moment, I was so grateful for all of my friends because they do all of this for me and so much more. I can call on them for anything. They always have my best interest at heart. I can learn from them as they can for me. I can laugh with them or cry with them. All of my friendships are an exchange of love, laughter, loyalty, sacrifice, support, encouragement, and accountability. Friendship really is essential to the soul. If you’re my friend and you’re reading this, I appreciate you. I thank you. I love you.

Xo, Consuella ♥

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