Yes, you read that right. In 3 days, my daughter was officially out of pull ups (minus night time). By day 5, she was completely potty trained, even overnight. I know you’re probably reading this like “girl please, yeah right!” Trust me, when I heard about this method of training, I felt the same way. A few months ago, I tried potty training Sanai the old-fashioned way and it was an epic fail, so I put it off. I was intimidated by the thought of it and honestly didn’t want to make the time to commit to it. Then two things happened that forced me to get the ball rolling: 1) She was moving up to the next class at daycare and being potty trained was a requirement. 2) I was just tired of buying pull ups. So, I did what I do best: I got on Google and researched the best method for potty training. Tons of books came up, but one stuck out to me and it was titled: Potty Training in 3 Days by Brandi Brucks.

This book stood out to me because of the title. Potty trained in 3 days sounded like music to my ears. I ordered the book on Amazon and read it in about an hour. After reading, I felt much more confident and ready to potty train. I still felt a little intimidated by some of the things she said, but in hindsight, I had no reason to be. If you have a toddler and you want them potty trained, keep reading. The basis of the book is pretty simple and that’s what I loved the most about it. I’ll outline what I thought was most important.

  • Make sure your baby is ready to start. Most times, a baby that isn’t potty trained isn’t going to tell you they have to potty before they wet their diaper. So please don’t wait for that sign. A clear sign is if they want to be changed or let you know after they’ve wet their diaper. This means they don’t like the feeling of a soiled diaper and that’s a good thing.
  • Allocate the time. This will require your undivided attention for the full three days. I’m off on weekends, so I took a PTO day on a Friday so I could have 3 full days at home.
  • Go around the house with your toddler in tow and “throw away” all the diapers/ pull ups. Let them know that they are a big girl/boy now and they will only wear panties/underwear. This was a big step for Sanai because she honestly thought we didn’t have any more pull ups.
  • Get your tools. Obviously, you need panties/ underwear and some sort of training seat/ step tool. You’ll also need candy or some sweet treat, but I’ll get to that in the next step. The book recommended a potty-training seat with a step stool, so I bought it. It was so cute, and I could tell it would have worked perfectly. Sadly, I screwed a piece on too tight and broke it the day before I started potty training. I was so mad, I cried. Yes, real tears. I ended up just buying a step stool from Walmart and using a potty training seat that I had bought a while back. The good thing is, the training toilet from Amazon came with a chart and stickers, which came in handy. I put the chart on the wall and every time she used the potty, she got to add a sticker to her chart. She loved that.

  • Choose a reward. They need to have something to look forward to after the use the potty. I know most parents probably don’t give their child candy a lot, at least I don’t. Well for this, we made an exception. I filed a jar with dum dum pops and fruit snacks and left it on the island in my kitchen in plain sight. This really motivated her to go to the restroom. Whenever she successfully used the bathroom, she got a piece of candy. After the second day I started to divert her attention, so she didn’t get candy every time. Do that if you have to.
  • Keep the baby in a seclude area of the house so you can monitor them easily. We stayed downstairs and took up our area carpet in the living room, so she didn’t have any accidents on it. We put on her panties and told her that when she needed to use the restroom, she had to let us know.

  • Watch the baby like a hawk. You want to make sure you catch them while they are having the accident and rush them to the bathroom. This is how they will learn. If you miss the accident, you miss an opportunity to teach them. When they have an accident, make sure you tell them firmly that it is not okay. They need to understand that peeing/pooping happens in the bathroom. When they use the restroom, make sure you celebrate them, so they know they did the right thing.
  • Be patient. The first couple of hours is the hardest, but you’ll get used to it. Don’t get frustrated and understand that this is new for the baby. They will get it eventually, just be patient with the.

Throughout the whole process, Sanai only had 3 accidents. She peed twice and pooped in her panties once. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. It never got on the couch and I have hard wood floors, so it was an easy clean up. We are almost 10 days after training and I’m still amazed that she’s officially potty trained and we conquered it in 3 days. If you need some motivation, here it is: YOU CAN DO IT!! This book made potty training a piece of cake. Use this link to get a copy, and potty train your baby in 3 days like I did! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Xo, Consuella ♥

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