A Year of Self Reflection

I don’t know about you, but my 2017 has been a hell of a ride. By the grace of God, there have been many high points and accomplishments, but life wouldn’t be life if those great moments weren’t accompanied by some bumps in the road. As the end of the year nears, I begin to wonder if my year was as productive as I had hoped for. Needless to say, there has been a whole lot of self-reflection in this last month of 2017.

Lets take a quick stroll through 2017. When I look back on my year, I smile knowing that I scratched two major feats off my bucket list: purchasing my first home and launching Cup of Consuella. I planned for the last few months of 2016 to get my finances and my credit in order so that I could become a homeowner. Seeing that come to fruition at only 26 years old brings me great joy. I closed on my first home in March, celebrated my 27th birthday in May, and a few days after that, I planned Richard an absolutely amazing surprise birthday party. I also celebrated my first Mother’s Day with Sanai in my arms and it was magical. It was a bonus that my mother and older sister were also in Atlanta to celebrate Mothers Day with me.

Our house on the Snow Day in Atlanta!
Richard’s Surprise Birthday Party


In August, I launched my blog, which had been a dream of mine for so long. I got such an outpouring of love and support for Cup of Consuella and that really warmed my heart. In September, I celebrated 5 years of living in Atlanta! I still can’t believe I’ve been here that long. I took a tour around Atlanta to celebrate my anniversary and fell in love with the city even more. That month, I also I planned Sanai’s first birthday party and it was so much fun! Check out my blog post with all the deets on the party here! I also took a stab at some modeling opportunities for Sanai by starting her an Instagram and submitting her pictures to different agencies. In just 3 months, she gained over 2000 followers and is now a brand ambassador for a dozen small shops/ boutiques on Instagram. Some companies have even reached out to collab with her to promote their brand. Talk about exciting! If you want your daily dose of cuteness, go check out her page: Sanai Brielle.

Moving along to November- this was the busiest month of the year for me! I had some business travel, I had two major city wide conventions in town, and I worked with the Atlanta Sports Council to coordinate a Familiarization visit for the NFL. As I’m sure you probably know, Atlanta will be hosting Super Bowl LIII in 2019 and the process has already begun. From coordinating with over 100 hotels and booking over 20,000 room nights. To creating a 200 page venue catalog to present to NFL corporate partners to assist with booking of hundreds of hospitality events. To organizing dozens of concurrent site visits all in a 2 day time frame- it was so time consuming, so many moving parts, and a ton of hard work. But it was so fulfilling to be a part of such an event and to work so closely with our city wide hospitality partners to showcase all that Atlanta has to offer. November was a whirlwind, for sure!

The good news is, Sanai and I got to fly home to Miami for Thanksgiving, which was such a needed vacation. We got to spend time with family and friends, and I got some much needed beach time!

Now here we are in December. I’m wrapping up things at work and preparing my accounts for the new year. I’m getting ready for Sanai to have her first real Christmas. I’m starting my vision board and jotting down my goals for the new year. And I’m self reflecting on everything I accomplished this year. But why do I feel like I’m not doing enough? Why do I feel like I hit so many bumps and took so many steps back? Why haven’t I written a blog post in over a month? Why do I feel like I’m missing something? Why does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Why?! These thoughts seem to come like clock work towards the end of the year. They overshadow my accomplishments and cloud my mind with shoulda-coulda-woulda’s. Well, not anymore! I’m making a conscious effort to combat all of those negative thoughts with more positive and progressive ones. My goal is to focus on 2018 and all of the new things I want to WILL accomplish. I WILL live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices for my overall well-being. I WILL refocus on my finances, raise my credit score, and continue building my savings accounts, and generate another source of income. I WILL continue to grow my blog and deliver great content to my readers. I WILL bring Cup of Consuella to YouTube. I WILL continue to focus on educating and molding my daughter. I WILL find a church home. And I WILL scratch yet another dream of mine off of my to do list, God willing. This upcoming year is about speaking things into existence and watching them come to fruition. 2018 will be my best year yet, I’m claiming it… and you should to!


Consuella ♥


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  1. This was awesome I suffer from the same feeling of never doing enough. Very refreshing! You got me excited for your new year lol

    1. Feeling like we’re not doing enough, when in reality, we’re doing everything we can is a disease!! lol. I’m working on it and you should too, boo. 2018 will be amazing for both of us! Congrats again on your engagement!


    1. The day really goes by too fast, esp now that it gets dark early. I can’t deal lol. Thanks for reading Ace!


  2. Obsessed with everything about this post! And yay i made a cameo appearance. Love you so much and couldn’t be more proud and excited for all the great things happening for you! xoxo

  3. I believe you can do anything you se my your mind to. Your already focused. You got this boo! It sounds like 2017 was a great year filled with many accomplishments. I’m excited to see how good 2018 treats you. Keep slaying babe! And let me know if you need any assistance with the Super Bowl 😏

  4. Congratulations on a lot of firsts this last year.. I can imagine it was really exciting starting your blog and also purchasing a home. These are amazing goals you ticked off your list. Here’s to a fantastic 2018 for you and your family!

  5. Congrats on all these accomplishments! It was striking to me how we had similarities in our lives. I am an Atlanta blogger from Miami. I am planning to buy my first house in the spring of next year. I started my blog this year as well. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2018. I know from this post that it will be a great success because you put in the work. And hey don’t put too much pressure on yourself, we all feel the way you said you do. I am working on figuring out my time management in 2018 as well.

    1. That’s such a coincidence!! Thank you so much for reading. We will have to find a way to link up!


  6. Lots of accomplishments! and of course, your daughter is the biggest accomplishment of them all. I love reading your story and the pics are great. Have a wonderful 2018!!

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