Motherhood has completely changed my life, and I look forward to sharing my experiences, photos of my baby girl Sanai, and everything in between relating to my journey on this exciting, fulfilling path of parenthood.

Dealing With Terrible Two’s

Sanai is one month away from 2 years old and she has already entered the dreaded “terrible two’s” phase. Falling out when she can’t have apple juice for the third time in an hour. Screaming at the top of her lungs when I don’t let her open a bag of chips in the grocery store. Telling me “no!” when I ask her to clean up her toys because she isn’t done playing.  My daughter has relentlessly marched into the this sassy toddler phase and I’m doing everything in my power to stay sane.

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Every Baby Is Different!

A few weeks before Sanai was born, I started to imagine how she would look. She’d be chocolate like her mama and have those beautiful dreamy hazel/green eyes like her papa. Wrong. I also imagined how quickly she’d develop. She’d be crawling by 6 months, walking by 10 months, and talking by 12 months. Wrong again.

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One Year in a Flash!

Sanai turned ONE on Saturday. Crazy, right? I’m still appalled at how quickly this year flew by. I went from refusing to let her leave my eyesight at the hospital when she was born to now planning her first birthday party. I literally don’t know where the time went, hence the party theme: One Year in a Flash!

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Look Up Sanai, Say Cheese!

Anyone that follows me on social media knows how much I love taking pictures. Well now that Sanai is apart of the equation, she’s joined me in my madness lol. My all time favorite hobby these days is taking pictures and capturing videos of my sweet Sanai. And I’ve learned that taking pictures and making videos is quite possibly a hobby of hers too. Crazy, I know!

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Please Stop Growing!

It feels like just yesterday I was holding her tiny 6 lb body in my arms. I spent every waking second with her and couldn’t let her out of my sight. Fast forward to this moment, my princess is 10 months and counting and I don’t know where the time is going! 

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