Power Ep. 7 Recap: “You Lied to My Face”

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Did you watch Power last night?! This episode was much better than the last, thankfully. We have a lot to talk about. Tasha. Tommy. Dre. Teresi. Proctor. The list goes on. A lot happened this episode, per usual. So here is my recap!

  1. Tasha. Girl, I am so disappointed in you. WE are so disappointed in you. Every opportunity you’ve had to help bring your family (and your marriage) to a better place, you drop the damn ball. We met the St. Patrick’s during season 1 and we fell in love! A successful black family, a happy marriage, three children being provided with unlimited resources and a good education, a beautifully exquisite penthouse (with its own elevator entrance). We were on board. Even when we learned that your riches were acquired with drug money, we were still #TeamStPatrick because we knew that Ghost was on his way out. We knew that he was trying to make the dirty money clean and go 100% legit. You were not on board because you were accustomed to the lifestyle, but we had faith that Ghost would show you the light. And then came Angela. We tried to empathize with you when Ghost cheated with Angela. We felt your hurt when you were sleeping alone while your husband was laid up with his mistress. We had your back when you put up a good front for the kids about your husband not being at home with his family when you knew he moved in with his mistress. We cursed Angela out in every damn scene. We hated her right along with you, even though deep down, we knew that Angela’s life goals were more aligned with Ghost’s than yours were. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!!! But let’s call a spade a spade. You slept with Shawn as get back and was even planning to run off with him until his father killed him. You constantly try to dissuade Ghost from pursuing a better life for your family. You’re so upset with Ghost that you’re oblivious to the signs of your son going down the wrong path. You’re so lost in the sauce that you’re not being present for your children. You take the money from the security company, stash it away as a security blanket for yourself, and act like 2 million dollars just evaporated into thin air. You make this deal with Stern without consulting your husband. Then you sleep with your husband’s attorney. Really? I don’t have a single word left for you. I say this: let’s get through this case, then you and Ghost just get a damn divorce. I’m through with it.

  2. Dre. You have some nerve. You’re so anxious to move up on the ladder that you can’t even pretend grieve over Julio’s heinous murder for 5 minutes. His body isn’t even cold yet, and you’re already talking about the business next move. Shame on you. And how long do you think this secreat about you and Canan will last? Do you understand that your life depends on Tariq not telling the truth? And even if he doesn’t tell, the truth will always come to light. In fact, it might be Canan that reveals how you’ve been playing both sides. Your days are numbered, as they should be. Snakes will never prosper.

  3. Sandoval. You piece of shit. You really went to Donovan’s house with intent to murder him? Did you not learn after killing the first AUSA? All of them are on to you!! Now let’s hope Angela, Donavan, and Sachs can come together and nail this coward once and for all. I hope nobody dies before it is discovered who the mole really is. Well, Sandoval…he can die. We won’t mind.

  4. Tommy… bro, you really killed a homeland security agent…left the body, and the incriminating evidence??? Really, Tommy? How can you depend on Proctor to complete a job like that? Your sole purpose of killing the agent was because of the evidence…why would you leave it?! I have a really bad feeling about this. Now that Proctor isn’t their attorney, he has no obligation to them. This murder is going to come up…and I think Proctor is going to do whatever it takes to clear himself. Even if that means ratting out Tommy.

  5. Teresi. Ok so we all knew that he was Tommy’s dad for about 3 episodes now. And I said in a recap a while back that Tommy’s mother probably left Teresi and kept Tommy from him and that was the case. I think Teresi’s role is to fill that hole in Tommy’s heart. Ever since Holly died, Tommy hasn’t really been himself. Although he has mom, Ghost, Tasha and the kids, Tommy still feels incomplete. Maybe Teresi can fill that void for him. I don’t see this storyline turning for the worst. I think this is just going to be a soft spot for Tommy, Teresi seems genuinely interested in building a relationship with his son.

  6. The brother and sister that head the Toros Locos are ruthless. I couldn’t believe they killed that mother right in front of her baby. Jesus, that was crazy. I hope they aren’t up to no good with Tommy demanding a part of their territory. I mean, he has the right to ask for that, given he and Ghost killed Lobos and the Toros went back on their deal about Julio. But for some reason, I feel like they don’t play fair. I don’t trust them.

  7. Lala wasn’t in this episode. Good job! Let’s keep it up.

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Did I forget something important? Let’s talk about it!! What are your thoughts??


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