Power Ep. 8 Recap: “It’s Done”

Hey world! Let’s talk “Power”!

So, when I initially started writing these Power recaps, I was just sharing my thoughts on what I consider to be one of the best shows on television right now. I was so shocked (and happy) when people actually started to comment and engage on my recaps. I was even more happy and pleasantly surprised when my Facebook friends actually started to request my Power recaps Monday morning. So now, I feel like it is my duty to deliver, lol. But please, continue to comment your thoughts on the episode, as that what makes this recap so fun to write. Don’t just read the blog…weigh in and let me know your thoughts! 😊 Okay, let’s get into it.

I’ve heard about the episodes 8-10 being leaked and I think it’s awfully “convenient,” but I won’t get into that. I have not watched the leaked episodes and I intend on watching every Power episode when it airs and not a second before. Think about viewings, people. That’s all I’ll say about that. Anyway, this episode of Power kept us on the edge of our seats and I’m here to talk about it!

  1. Angela! It pains me to say this, but you are making me more and more proud with these last few episodes. Remember when Angela went to Silver’s office to deliver the “good news” about Sandoval being charged with Greg’s murder? Well, did you notice before she walked out she told him to share the news with Proctor, who is no longer on the case. She wanted Silver to tell Proctor about Sandoval because she wanted that news (plus Sandoval’s whereabouts) to get to Ghost and Tommy. Angela knew exactly what would happen to Sandoval once they got wind of where he was located. So, who better to deliver that news than the acting attorney on the case?? Totally legal…and genius. Angela knew that Sandoval was bad for business (for Ghost & Tommy) with all the information he had about the Lobos case. And she silently wanted Sandoval to pay for Greg’s murder. She knew he would get immunity and a lighter punishment and she couldn’t let Greg’s murder be in vain. So, she indirectly told Ghost where he was, and Tommy made it happen. Bye-bye Sandoval. You were with us for far too long. Angela, we know you also did this for selfish reasons, *cough cough* to cover your own ass, but hey, it worked out for the greater good.

  2. Teresi. You’re the real MVP. Seriously. I can appreciate a man that would do anything for the love of family. On another note, I really do wonder why Kate wants Teresi away from Tommy so badly. What was the dynamic of their relationship? Obviously, he had an affair with Kate on his wife, but why is she so pressed for Tommy & Teresi not to have any dealings? It’s clear that Teresi didn’t leave Tommy’s life voluntarily. I honestly don’t see what bad can come from him having a relationship with his son, but, hey, maybe that’s just the sap in me. Am I being naive to think that Teresi genuine wants to get to know his son? Or should we not trust him either?

  3. Dre. You dirty, filthy, conniving, sneaky, disloyal, incompetent, arrogant without justification, piece of crap. I have to ask…WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??? The very fact that you think you can get away with this is laughable. Do you really think it’s a smart idea to cross Tommy and Ghost? You don’t even move right to pull of something of this magnitude. Why would the Jiminez tell YOU that they accepted Tommy’s terms? You’re not that important, bro. You can’t even keep up a good cover. We wanted Canan to leave you alone for the sake of your daughter, but now that we see your motives, he can just come on back and take you out. There’s no room for your kind in the circle. I literally cannot wait until your cover is blown. I wonder what gruesome way you’ll die…and I’m ready for it. Hopefully the Jimenez will take you out. We all know how ruthless they are.

  4. Proctor. You had me convinced. I was going to say, in a world of conniving snakes like Dre, we appreciate your loyalty. You had us up until the last scene. Was that not the very evidence that you told Ghost and Tommy you “took care of”? I thought you trashed it?? Now you’re stowing it away for a rainy day? I had high hopes for you, but unfortunately, Ghost was right when he said no one can be trusted.

  5. Tariq. Just go to Connecticut with your sister to the damn boarding school. There aren’t any words to describe how tired we are of seeing your dumbass on our TV screen every week. And let’s be clear, Tariq did not push Raina that hard for her to have a bruise on her arm. Like, Raina… just go away and take your mama and your brother with you.

  6. Tasha. Girl you’re making it so easy to dislike you these days. You claim to do everything in the name of your family, but this whole charade with Silver is to satisfy your own little fantasy in your head. Why do you think every man outside of your husband that shows you attention is going to be your savior? You had this same naïve little fairytale dream with Shawn and that was cut short. Do you really think that Silver wants to be your man? Really? I’m here to tell you: he doesn’t. He didn’t want you for any other reason than you being Ghost’s wife. He wanted something he seemingly couldn’t have. He wanted a one up on Ghost. His hard on isn’t for you, its for the fact that he’s screwing Ghost’s wife. If you and Ghost get a divorce, you’re worthless to him. He doesn’t want you to himself. He wants to screw you behind your husband’s back and smile in his face to satisfy his own little broke down male ego. You make it apoint to deal with men that are connected to Ghost in some way. Why?! And how could you be so careless and sloppy? You’re leaving earrings at Silver’s house that Ghost probably bought for you. You’re whispering in Silver’s ear and your husband is literally in the next room? Girl…you’re just a joke at this point. Attention hungry, desperate, and pathetic. I can’t feel sorry for you any longer.

  7. Larenz is shady and I’m really not buying his good ole boy act. I feel like he might be working with the drug dealers and is lowkey involved in the drug game. He’s putting up this “let’s clean up the streets” front, when he may very well be a part of the problem. I don’t have time for him bringing Ghost any more issues than he already has.

That’s all I have for now. I’m so excited for the next episode! What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t bash Proctor more… he’s a liar.. he kept the tapes and put it in that mailbox… he’s sneaky af and can’t be trusted.

  2. Thank God for your recaps! I used to try and do debriefs with my boyfriend and he was not into it at all! *eye roll* But your summaries are literally all my thoughts about the show in an organized way.

    I don’t trust Teresi at all and I think there’s more to the story with Kate then we know for now. I also think he’s going to collect on this favor he did for Tommy. Maybe not this season but next.

    LOL at “Like, Raina just go away” I’m so over her spineless self!

    Still kill LaLa.

    Tasha girl….out of all the black men walking around in timberland boots in New York you just have to sleep with men Ghost deals with. Let us not forget she showed Sean the goods before Angela was even a thought. Her character is insecure and desperate for attention. It’s pathetic. I wanted to root for her, but chyle.

    I don’t trust Larenz either, something about him isn’t right.

    1. Your comments are my sentiments exactly!! And maybe I’m naive for thinking Teresi has genuine intentions when it comes to Tommy. I want him to be a good guy, but I know there’s more to him.

  3. I kind of feel differently about Larenz.. I believe he & Ghost have had prior dealings… Ghost did slyly remark “we make our own luck” before the end of their scene.. I don’t know, kind of leads me to believe that they may have run together once before & both “washed their hands” of the street life (on the surface) to create better opportunities for themselves? Idk, maybe I just want to like his character? Lol.

    Now, Proctor doesn’t get off so easily this episode. Was that NOT the evidence that he told Tommy & Ghost they didn’t have to worry about? Come on, man… “I was rooting for you!” (In my Tyra Banks voice)…I won’t pass judgments just yet, but I don’t have a good feeling about that laptop he stowed away..

    Other than that, I totally agree with everything else you said! Great review 🙂

    1. I had to make an edit about Proctor, because in the midst of writing the recap, I completely forgot about the scene of him stowing away the laptop. So you’re right, he doesn’t get off that easily! And I’m not getting a good feeling about Larenz. He really seems like a shady politician.

  4. Girl yes, yes, and yes!! I was rooting for Tasha but she’s getting on my nerves with her carelessness. I don’t even care she’s having an affair with another man(I know I just said that lol) but it’s her lack of discreetness is concerning especially since he’s the only active attorney now for her husband and her family. And I agree. He doesn’t want her. He gets a thrill out of hunching Mr. St. Patrick’s wife(because he doesn’t know he’s Ghost I don’t think). Dre is a piece of s***. End of story. Proctor is a piece of s***. End of story. Tariq needs to die. End of story. Angela only did what she did because crap would come out about her too and she wasn’t having that. I did catch that smirk when she walked out Silver’s office though and knew immediately what she had done.(the attorney in me lol) but I still don’t like her ass lol! And I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Tate is dirty. He just gives me the snake vibe lol.

  5. Man, this last episode is crazy because it opens up so many potential storylines. And the irony that Ghost may get a taste of his own medicine if Dre succeeds (Dre is basically doing sorta what Ghost did to Kanan). Also, we know proctor is about to be in trouble for that murder. And Tariq stupid ass dragging involve in a murder. I find it hard to believe there were no security cameras in that house. SMH

    1. Comparing what Dre is attempting with Ghost to what Ghost did to Kanan is a good angle, I didn’t even consider that. And I was literally thinking “now I know this woman has some cameras in this nice apartment!” the entire scene. That was just too much for me. I’m so over Tariq.

  6. So I totally agree with EVERYTHING YOU’RE SAYING!!! Idk who I despise more Dre or Tariq! Canan should’ve taken both of them down. I am proud of Angela too. She always proves me wrong sometimes for some reason lol Proctor omg! He’s the last person I ever thought would switch up like that. Totally caught off guard with that one. Tasha… Girl not if, WHEN Ghost finds out about this…. Not a good thing! Teresi… I like you, but I don’t like how you play. I need to understand his motives here and I wanna know the real dynamics of his relationship with Tommy’s mother. Like there has to be a reason behind why she wants Teresi away from Tommy. I mean I get the whole wife thing, but Idk why, I just feel like there’s something more to that situation lol Or maybe its just me.. Mr. Tate…. I hate to say this, but I’m with Stern on this one. Ghost please run! I don’t trust this guy at all. I feel like there’s more bad than good that comes with him and with Ghost just getting out of jail and all the extra shenanigans that’s going on around him, Ghost don’t need all that plus more… But yeah.. Power beat Game of Thrones this week! LOL #Facts

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