Power Ep. 5 Recap: “Don’t Thank Me”

Power- Episode 5: “Don’t Thank Me


  1. Ghost is OUT!!!!! *does backflip* I almost shed a tear when the judge said all the charges were being dropped, I can’t lie. The way it all played out in court gave me heart palpitations, but all worked out for the best. I’m no lawyer, but I imagine things like that would never actually happen in a real court room, but for the sake of our hearts, thank God Ghost is out. Remember I said Angela was going to do whatever it took to get him out once she realized he was innocent, even if it meant putting her job on the line. That was a very noble thing to do. And as much as I hate her (being a mistress), I think she’s a good person at her core. I just need sis to go find her own man. Or one that is FULLY divorced and not jumping between the sheets of his wife and his mistress. But that’s neither here nor there…thanks Angela!! We appreciate you, boo!
  2. I don’t think Sandoval has the balls to kill another federal agent so he won’t kill Angela. (Plus the producers aren’t gonna let Angela die because they’re gonna be too busy trying to make her and Ghost a thing again 😒) But Sandoval knows she will figure it out, so he has to do something. I honestly still think he’s going to die before they find out he was the mole. And that’s fine. We can do without him anyway.
  3. Silver. Silver. Silver. WHO SENT YOU????? 🙄🙄🙄I know everyone thinks he was coming on to Tasha at the condo…and he probably was. But that’s too easy. There’s more to him. Like, why are you so pressed about their finances?? As soon as he listed all the steps it would take to have a case against the prosecution, the first thing he says is “but that’s gonna cost money.” Okay, we thank you for getting Angela on the stand and going against the prosecution, but what’s your motive?? Why does he have such a hard on about their financial situation? I feel like he is working with someone to get Ghost for all his legal money…or his assets. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. Simon Stern. Like bro, where did you come from?? Y’all remember him, right? The guy that Ghost practically stole the nightclub scene from. He’s back. And I think he wants Truth back, too. There’s no way you just pop up wanting to offer money to the man that slid the hottest nightclub in NYC from right under your feet. So while Ghost is still locked up, Stern goes to Tasha pretending to help. Tasha seemingly stands her ground, but then she folds under pressure. Not surprising. Now she’s gotten a loan from Stern without consulting Ghost, and it’s probably for more than they even “needed”. Now It won’t be long before Stern owns Truth again. Because Ghost can’t just get out and come home to happy wife, happy life, can he??
  5. What is Teresi’s motive? Does he really want to have a relationship with his son? Or does he just want to extort him for money to pay for his wife’s chemotherapy. What if Tommy wasn’t a break baby? What if Teresi and Tommy’s mom actually loved each other and had an actual relationship. Maybe Tommy’s mom left him and he found out about Tommy after he married his now wife? I don’t know about this one y’all. But I’m ready to find out, what y’all think?
  6. Jukebox needs to go back to her police car and eat some donuts. 😒Like girl, we didn’t even remember you were on the show. Now that Ghost is out, you wanna call yourself holding his son for ransom? #1, you can’t mess with Ghost. Period. #2, he doesn’t have any money to give you. And #3, Canan isn’t even on the same page with you. He’s tryna get back into the drug game, but he really isn’t trying to kill Tariq’s dumb ass. This whole storyline is annoying me already.
  7. I don’t know how to take Dre. Is he playing 50? Is he playing Ghost & Tommy?! I can’t figure him out and it’s getting on my nerves. Hopefully Julio tells Tommy that Canan is alive. Because honestly, this doesn’t even make sense. How do all of y’all run in the same circles, 50 has been out and about, and Tommy NOR Ghost knows he’s alive? Shit doesn’t even add up. Canan needs to die. Period.
  8. I know I’m not the only person that thought Ghost was dreaming when he killed Charlie Murphy?! I was like “okay, go ahead and wake up now.” 😳 That scene was crazy, but Charlie had to go. RIP.

I’m probably forgetting something…let me know in the comments. What y’all think?? Was this your favorite episode too??


Courtney Consuella

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  1. That definitely was my favorite episode. Reading this is like watching it all over again. This is great 👍 ☺️

    1. This was my favorite episode too!! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this recap. I’m glad you liked it. I hope you continue to tune in.

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