I Love When Seasons Change!

Fall is arguably my favorite season, for so many reasons. From cool and crisp sweater weather, to fashion, to festive decor, to fall scented candles, to pumpkin spice everythang! Emphasis on pumpkin spice! Clearly, I love fall.

Ever since before I bought my first home, one of the main things I looked forward to was decorating for the holidays. Well, quite honestly, my decor will probably stay the same for spring and summer, but for fall and winter…its on! I’ve been stopping by HomeGoods, Ross, and AtHome for the past few weeks just to look for some fall decor for the house and I’ve been getting pretty lucky! I didn’t spend over $20 for any of the items on my entryway table.  I think altogether, I spent a little less than $150 for all of the decor. I think that’s pretty damn good! I’ve been changing my mind about some pieces every other day, but I think its safe to say that my entry way table is almost complete. The only thing not pictured is that I filled that clear vase second from the left with Hershey kisses in gold wrappers- so festive! Everything came from Home Goods except a few items. I put a candle inside the orange vase and it illuminates at night so it looks really pretty.

The candle and candle holder I got from Bath & Body Works when they were having a sale.  I actually found the cute little pumpkins and the gold leaf place mat at Walmart while I was there getting some cleaning items for the house. Speaking of sale at Bath & Body Works, they had a buy one get one sale on all three wick candles, plus $10 0ff $30. So then this happened…

As you can see, I’m all the way here for fall! Until the day after thanksgiving… then my home will transform to Winter Wonderland 🙂 Let me know your favorite season and your favorite place to get home decor in the comments!


Consuella ♥


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  1. WOW this looks amazing!!! I absolutely love fall, too, but I haven’t gotten into decorating yet. I think it’s because I’m still renting. Once I get a house though, I can’t wait to have all the seasonal decor. Your set up looks really festive but still super classy. I love it!

  2. Your entryway is so beautiful!!!!! So many benefits to being a homeowner like storage and the security of not having to pack up in a year because you’re upset with management lol lol!!!! I can’t wait to really really decorate for the seasons!!!

  3. Ughhhhh those decors are <3 We don’t have autumn here since I’m from a tropical country. If ever there was, fall will probably be my favorite 🙂

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